Ask yourself a question...  do you find that most sales recruitment agencies don't listen to what you really want from your next job?  You deserve better.  

At GA Recruitment you'll have a one-to-one consultation with Gail who will learn all about your aspirations, skills and experience. 
Beyond the enormous human toll Coronavirus is having at the moment, the pandemic has also had a significant impact on people's careers. 
Temporary furloughs, rescinded job offers, hiring freezes, and layoffs have created a tremendous amount of upheaval across all industries and roles. 
Many professionals now find themselves having to apply for positions during one of the most challenging times in modern history. " The job market is tougher than its been since The Great Depression" says 'Eleesha Martin', recruiting process outsourcing manager of G&A partners, a leading Hr Service provider. As a result of the pandemic, its become an Employers job market. 
Candidates will have to get more assertive and creative in finding ways to help them stand out, or they will get lost in the crowd! 
Contact me for ways in which you can do this! 

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